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Table 2 Analysis

From: Learning based on patient case reviews: an interview study

Phase one: Theme development.
We conducted a two-phased analysis:
Themes developed:
1. Reactions to receiving questionnaires
2. Potential outcome
   Diagnostic process
   Evaluation of competences
   Referral system
   Awareness of delay
   Organisational overview
3. Talk of change
4. Patient continuity
5. Family physician-patient relationship
6. Decision-making processes
7. Learning processes
   Based on patient records
   Based on daily experience
8. Learning by feedback
   Experiences from other learning interventions
   Positive and negative feedback
   Learning from patient records
9. Clinical failures
All data were coded according to these themes in Nvivo ed. 7.
Phase two: Development of analytical categories.
The interviews as well as the code books of each identified theme were re-read.
The analytical categories were developed in a dialectic process between identified themes and the applied theoretical framework.
Analytical categories:
1. Learning processes described
   Reflections on work procedures
   Case manager function
2. Evaluation of patient case reviews
   Real life experiences