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Table 1 Mixed methods approach

From: Issues and challenges in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular risk factors: Assessing the needs of cardiologists

Study design ▪ A literature search and environmental scan were conducted to inform the design of the study and guide the development of the qualitative and quantitative research tools.
  ▪ Research design and rationale, research tools, participant informed consent processes, and materials were submitted for ethics review to an Institutional Review Board (IRB). The ethics review was approved June 2006 (exploratory phase) and December 2006 (validation phase).
Exploratory phase (Qualitative) ▪ Panel meetings and key informant interviews were conducted with two selectively sampled groups of participants (actively practicing, academic-affiliated, and community-based cardiologists).
Validation phase (Quantitative) ▪ Online quantitative questionnaire, informed by the exploratory phase, was distributed to a national sample of actively practicing cardiologists.
Analysis ▪ Analysis, interpretation, conclusions, and recommendations based on multidisciplinary team collaboration and input.