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Table 2 Examples of student feedback

From: The need for education on health related-quality of life

Were you provided with clearly stated aims and objectives which were met during the course? All students stated yes
Did you feel comfortable in contributing to group discussions, if not why not? All students stated yes, with additional comments stating that "the atmosphere was conducive to contribution" and "made us feel comfortable and at ease"
Were there any particular strengths or weaknesses in the tutor's approach? Strengths
"Appeared very organised and willing to provide individual time to students"
"Organised presentations and handouts.....very helpful"
"Encouraged everyone to participate. Having workbook to read before session was useful"
"V. approachable. Gave individual attention for essay planning. Good use of email".
"Clear instructions. Ensured everyone understood".
"Discussion with research nurse was excellent"
"Sometimes too much paper about trials but it was useful".
Do you have any suggestions for improvements either in the content or presentation of these sessions or any other comments? "Put papers on WebCT" (virtual learning environment)
"No, I was very impressed!"
"Wide variety of info. Good timetable."
"Very well organised and enjoyable. Session with oncology nurse particularly useful as related our knowledge to clinical practice"
"Less papers given out".