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Table 2 Selected student comments

From: Electronic health records in outpatient clinics: Perspectives of third year medical students

1 "It's important to have exposure to an EHR as a student because it will be widely used in the future."
2 "Information collected was more complete"
3 "Using an EHR was helpful in terms of learning the appropriate "doctor terminology" for normal and abnormal findings..."
4 "...more challenging to talk to the patient and type at the same time..."
5 "I don't like not to be able to keep good eye contact."
6 "The only concern is when it does not work, it becomes paralyzing."
7 "You have to be able to effectively work with a computer as well as learn how to efficiently use the EHR."
  1. Question #1: During your third year, you have been in office settings with electronic and paper documentation systems. What is different about learning in settings with an EHR?
  2. Question #2: The EHR provides clinical information about appropriate preventive care services and medication interactions. What, if any, clinical information did you learn from the EHR?