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Table 1 Percentage of students who answered strongly agree/agree, neutral, and disagree/strongly disagree for statements comparing an EHR to a paper chart

From: Electronic health records in outpatient clinics: Perspectives of third year medical students

Construct Items SA/A % N % D/SD
Organization of information It was easier to find essential information in the EHR 70 15 15
  I prefer looking for patient information in the EHR 67 18 15
  I prefer the layout/organization of the EHR 57 21 21
Access to online resources I accessed online clinical guidelines more often when using an EHR 36 27 36
  I accessed online information for patients more often when using an EHR 33 27 39
  I accessed online information about medications more often when using an EHR 15 30 54
Prompts from the EHR I was prompted to ask more history questions 72 9 18
  I was prompted to order more clinical preventive services 39 33 27
  I learned about medication interactions from using the EHR 30 18 51
Personal Performance My documentation was more complete in the EHR 69 12 18
  The normal exam defaults in the EHR helped me find the words I needed to write my notes 63 15 21
  My presentations were better organized when I used an EHR 24 30 45
Follow-up I accessed patients' tests results more often when using an EHR 54 21 24
  I received more feedback on my EHR notes 39 24 36
  I sent reminders to myself through the EHR to follow-up on patients 15 18 67
Patient-student- physician communication Overall, I was satisfied with the doctor-patient communication with the EHR 64 18 18
  I spent less time looking at the patient because of the EHR 48 6 45
  I spent less time talking to the patient 24 21 54
  The EHR improved my ability to establish rapport with patients 24 39 38
  My patients liked that I was using an EHR 21 76 3
  The EHR adversely affected communication with my preceptor 9 15 76
  1. EHR = Electronic Health Record; SA = Strongly Agree; A = Agree