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Table 3 Sample coding of MCQs

From: Assessment of higher order cognitive skills in undergraduate education: modified essay or multiple choice questions? Research paper

Question Modified Bloom's taxonomy categorisation Explanation
A 16 year old obese schoolgirl is admitted with acute pancreatitis. The most likely underlying cause would be 1 This question is a test of knowledge recall only.
A. familial.   
B. hyperparathyroidism.   
C. alcohol.   
D. gallstones.   
E. trauma.   
8. A 68-year-old man is hospitalised with his third attack of acute cholecystitis in two years. He is started on a course of antibiotics. He suffered a myocardial infarction one month ago. An isotope scan performed six weeks prior to his present illness showed a non-functioning gallbladder. Which one of the following is the most appropriate treatment? 3 There is assumed knowledge in this question. The student needs to make a judgement and evaluation to choose the most appropriate management option.
A. immediate percutaneous cholecystolithotomy.   
B. start on chenodeoxycholic acid.   
C. allow patient to settle and then perform cholecystectomy within 48 hours.   
D. allow patient to recover and delay surgery for 5 months.   
E. proceed to immediate cholecystectomy.