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Table 7 Students' responses to being asked for ways in which role-play can be made more effective

From: Role-play for medical students learning about communication: Guidelines for maximising benefits

   "Should try and be as realistic as possible in order to be effective"
   "Videotaping is very useful as can see how your own performance is seen by others"
   "Have tutors who at least seem interested in it and take it seriously"
   "Needs to be structured with clear aims and instructions"
   "Personal feedback from tutor on performance during role-plays would have been useful"
   "Time before the interview to prepare and think about the structure, questions etc, and time after to reflect, analyse and modify structure, questions of the interview to make it more effective."
   "It is a change from usual way of learning that some may find refreshing"
   "Much better doing it with people you don't know"
   "Role-play changes your perspective on subjects and can open up new avenues of thinking"
   "Increase the number of role-plays to prepare us for real thing"
   "Coordinate role plays with placements"