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Table 4 Patient role

From: Role-play for medical students learning about communication: Guidelines for maximising benefits

• You are a 21-year-old student starting the third year of your engineering degree.
• You have just moved into a new flat with some friends.
• You had an appointment to register at a new clinic scheduled for next week. However, last night while you were in the garden of your new flat (trying to tidy up the mess) you scratched your hand on a dirty and rusty nail. The wound bled quite a bit but it stopped after you put pressure on it.
• You have arrived at the clinic and have been told that you can be seen in about 15 minutes by the practice nurse and if necessary a GP afterwards.
• The receptionist has asked if you would mind if a first year medical student interviewed you before the practice nurse sees you.
• You are worried about the wound. Think about how you would demonstrate your concerns to a "moderate" level. Remember to use non-verbal and verbal behaviours. If the interviewer acknowledges your worry – "I can see you are worried. I think that coming to the clinic and having the wound checked out is important."
• You think you might need a tetanus injection. You are terrified of injections. Do not mention this unless the medical student interviewer asks you about your worries or anxieties.
• You can't remember when you had your last tetanus injection.
• Either make up the rest of the story or be yourself.