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Table 7 Additional skills suggested by practising doctors during FGD

From: Practicing doctors' perceptions on new learning objectives for Vietnamese medical schools

A. Clinical (6 skills)
   1. How to hold consultations to get agreement on diagnosis and treatment patients
   2. How to evaluate vital functions of a patient
   3. How to follow up patient treatment at home
   4. How to check quality of patient records
   5. How to establish regulations for working and being on duty in hospital
   6. How to guide people to use traditional medicine
B. Preventive (8 skills)
   7. How to conduct an in-service training course
   8. How to communicate effectively with poor and/or minority patients
   9. How to check and monitor patient and health records
   10. How to direct implementation by lower levels
   11. How to make a good family visit
   12. How to manage human resources, facilities, money and health information
   13. How to manage projects
   14. How to summarize the reports from lower levels to get good evidence for planning and management.
C. Laboratory (1 skill)
   15. How to summarize, analyze and interpret results of laboratory tests
D. Others (6 skills)
   16. How to assign tasks and responsibilities to staff in a team
   17. How to apply results from research into practice
   18. How to organize a scientific seminar or a symposium
   19. How to find and read foreign literature
   20. Self-learning skills
   21. How to learn from older colleagues