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Table 6 Examples of comments in reflective commentaries regarding elements of the course that promoted learning of research skills

From: Evaluation of a learner-designed course for teaching health research skills in Ghana

Factor promoting learning Illustrative extracts from reflective statements
Learning by doing and reflecting 'The experience gained this way, though painful, could be longlasting'.
' the road has been turbulent, but perseverance and the will to learn .... have made the journey safe and endurable'
Learning from peers 'This was not an easy time... I must however admit that the committee scrutiny gave me profound understanding into my research topic and infused into me new ideas for writing my proposal'
'Sitting in small groups, vetting and contributing to each others work were one of the most useful learning experiences'
It [group session] was a good platform for learning and it also made me realise that among my colleagues we had enormous experience and knowledge which when shared and channelled properly could be used for utmost benefit'