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Table 5 Examples of comments in reflective commentaries regarding confidence in research skills

From: Evaluation of a learner-designed course for teaching health research skills in Ghana

Research confidence theme Illustrative extracts from reflective statements
Reasons for lack of confidence 'I did not know how to start. I did not have the confidence to even start something no matter how small it may be'
'I felt like I was lost in a maze with an assortment of heavy loads on my back'
Increased research skills confidence '...going through the course has helped me overcome my fears and anxieties concerning research'
'I have acquired skills and confidence needed to design and conduct research projects'
'I now feel very confident in discussing matters about research and have developed the interest in converting many clinical problems in the society into clinical research'
Improved self-confidence 'it [the course] has taught me the need to expand my frontiers and be self-confident'
'I have enough potential in me to achieve whatever I set my mind to do'
'I have had the confidence to pursue anything I intend doing without being intimidated by personalities.'
'... [the course activities] have made me a critical thinker'