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Table 2 Statements for 'stages of change' model [17] for measuring development of research confidence: learners chose one of four responses for each statement (strongly agree, generally agree, generally disagree or strongly disagree) about their research-related behaviour before and after the DPDM course.

From: Evaluation of a learner-designed course for teaching health research skills in Ghana

Learning research skills is important
Understanding how to do research is relevant to my work
I should incorporate research findings into my clinical practice
I should do more research myself
I plan to learn more about how to do research
I will bring up the idea of incorporating research into our work with colleagues
I plan to include use of research findings in my clinical practice
I will suggest that we discuss how to improve our use of research results at our departmental meetings
I have suggested casually to some of my colleagues that they should do research
I have spoken in a formal meeting about increasing the amount of research done by our department
I have changed my clinical practice as a result of doing research
I have spoken in a formal meeting (or to my Head of Department) about increasing the use of research/guidelines in our unit
I am currently working on another research project