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Table 1 Written Comments from students and staff who participated in the innovation

From: Teaching medical students about children with disabilities in a rural setting in a school

Student Comments Staff Comments
"I think this placement is really great. Much better being in the one place each week and feeling as though we are involved."
"Only problem was not enough time and trouble getting activities organized."
"The kids, teachers and staff were appreciative of us helping."
"Helping out with gym classes, bowling etc gives you a better understanding of the needs of these children and the resources required to care for them."
"Found this placement very valuable. It was great to get to know the kids over the weeks and I found it very rewarding to know their names and have them recognise us every week."
"The Kids were great"
" Time spent in classrooms prior to sport time didn't seem very well spent (for us to be there – that is)"
"The placement offered the medical students some insight into the life of a disabled person. I feel this would assist them in understanding the difficulties that the carers/parents possibly face."
"So far the placement has been a great experience for students and staff. It has allowed us to conduct activities that, due to supervision requirements, would not have been possible without the support of visiting medical students."
"That the medical students were able to get to know the children well enough to be able to work confidently with them."
"Students learnt and understood the various communication strategies now used with the students who are non-verbal."
"The placement will allow the students to remember their interactions with our students so when they are practicing medicine and a family with a child with a disability arrive in their surgery or Emergency Department that they will have a stronger empathy due to their experience in Bullimbal."
"Having the extended placement medical students allowed staff at Bullimbal to take students to the Gym and Tenpin Bowling on a ratio of 1:1 which is wonderful therapy for our children."
"The medical students completing their placement with us has been a pleasure and most helpful. If this is how our new Doctors are going to be then we are very happy."