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Table 4 Categorization of teaching priorities in gerontology

From: Perceptions on the importance of gerontological education by teachers and students of undergraduate health sciences

Priority Representative excerpts
  Teachers Students
A. Biological aspects of aging "Students don't have interest on this issue."
"Training in this area is necessary in order to give appropriate training to the students."
"Subjects related to biology are essential in geriatrics and gerontology."
"Teachers don't have enough knowledge about this topic."
"This is a very difficult topic in the teaching-learning process."
"It is very important to deal with this topic."
"It is very important to include these topics in training."
"Extending topics with information regarding these themes."
"Extending these topics to get more knowledge."
"It is important to get to know the diseases and complications in the elderly."
B. Sociological aspects of aging "Many students consider that social gerontology is not relevant to their clinical practice."
"Almost all students in health sciences consider the social aspects as a tedious topic"
"We need to be prepared for a gerontological culture."
"Any stage of human development is of great importance both at the individual and sociological levels."
"The social area is important for elderly care."
"We need to know the social impact of this part of society."
C. Psychological aspects of aging "Some students consider that the elderly are complicated patients and thus avoid them"
"Some teachers don't have enough knowledge on the psychology of aging, and therefore the students do not have it either"
"Many elderly persons suffer depression and mild cognitive impairment, and students don't have enough knowledge for their diagnosis and treatment."
"It is important to have information about clinical psychology to take care of the elderly."
"It is important to know about the behavior of the elderly."
D. Clinical practice in the elderly "It is important to increase clinical practice with the elderly."
"We treat elderly patients without knowledge, thus it is important to train teachers in this area."
"There should be more clinical practice included; more than 70% of patients are elderly."
"Faculty teaching these topics should focus more on the clinical area."