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Table 2 Effectiveness attributes and associated factors of journal clubs and their presence in CMR-JC conducted at a private university in Karachi Pakistan from 15 Sept 1999 –15 Sept 2005

From: Do community medicine residency trainees learn through journal club? An experience from a developing country

Effectiveness attribute Presence in CMR-JC
>2 years of existence without periodic abandonment +
>50% attendance of the expected audience +
Associated factors of effectiveness  
Explicit written learning objectives +
Mandatory attendance +
Designated club leader +
Formal teaching of critical appraisal skills +
Independence from faculty journal club +
Regular attendance by faculty* ±
Support by program director +
Smaller residency program +
Use of adult learning principles +
Provision of food +
Use of a structured checklist for article review -
  1. *The residency program faculty attendance was regular but other departmental faculty attendance was not regular