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Table 2 Factors incorporated into workshop design in order to maximize knowledge transfer.

From: The Alberta Ambassador Program: delivering Health Technology Assessment results to rural practitioners

▪ Conduct workshops close to the participants' place of work
▪ Challenge participants to actively engage the material and problem solve by using simulations, stories, or case studies.
▪ Allow participants to affect the direction of the workshop.
▪ Keep the workshops as short as possible
▪ Keep group size small
▪ Encourage a multi-disciplinary mix of participants
▪ Minimize the didactic component of the workshop
▪ Make all printed materials as concise as possible.
▪ Include a powerful, positive closing message.
▪ Provide immediate written feedback.
▪ Offer continuing education credits for participation.
▪ Offer refreshments.
▪ Connect with participants afterwards to reinforce learning.