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Table 3 Age, Sex and Race profile of Peer Learner and Peer Tutor groups

From: Helping each other to learn – a process evaluation of peer assisted learning

Peer Learner Age Sex Race
PL1 18 Female Caucasian
PL2 19 Male Asian
PL3 18 Female Caucasian
PL4 25 Male Caucasian
PL5 19 Female Asian
PL6 18 Female Asian
PL7 19 Male Asian
PL8 21 Male Black African
PL9 18 Female Black African
PL10 20 Male Asian
PL11 22 Male Caucasian
PL12 19 Female Asian
PL13 18 Female Caucasian
PL14 19 Female Caucasian
Peer Tutor Age Sex Race
PT1 25 Male Caucasian
PT2 23 Female Caucasian