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Table 2 Interview topic guide for Peer Tutor semi-structured interviews

From: Helping each other to learn – a process evaluation of peer assisted learning

Section I: "settling in" questions
How are you feeling about the process so far?
Why do you think you're doing it?
What do you hope to gain from this experience?
Are you looking forward to it? (if not, why not?)
Do you think it will be helpful to you?
What do you hope to gain from this particular session?
Section II: Knowledge of, and attitudes to peer learning.
Are any of you familiar with the idea of peer learning in medical education?
Have any of you any previous experience of peer learning?
Section III: Expectations of the peer learning session
How/when did you find out about that this session would be peer learning?
What do you know about this peer learning project? Can you describe it to me?
What was your initial reaction?
What do you think the advantages/disadvantages might be for you? (prompt: do you have any hopes or fears about the peer learning session?)
Do you think the peer learning session will be any different from a standard teaching session? How? (prompt: can you give me examples?)
Overall, what do you hope to gain from the session?