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Table 1 A healthy 55-year-old woman traveling to Botswana presents for travel advice. Her health maintenance is current except for her tetanus booster.

From: Case-based exercises fail to improve medical students' information management skills: a controlled trial

Case Details Student Tasks
Patient enquires about travel immunizations and prophylactic medications for Botswana Students should:
1. access CDC Website (or similar) via Internet for current travel recommendations for Botswana
2. offer malaria prophylaxis
3. enquire about planned activities (e.g. providing health care)
4. provide information about food/water safety
5. advise re preventing mosquito bites
Patient indicates her preference for every day malaria prophylaxis Students should access Web or PDA, and suggest doxycycline for malaria prophylaxis *
Patient asks if doxycycline will interfere with her antacids Students should run an interaction check on their PDAs*
  1. * NOTE: Students who delivered accurate information without using information resources received full credit.