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Figure 1

From: The attractions of medicine: the generic motivations of medical school applicants in relation to demography, personality and achievement

Figure 1

Path diagram showing the relationships between the different variables. Paths are only included for which t ≥ 4.0. Positive paths are shown as solid black lines, and negative paths as dashed red lines, with path coefficients (path coefficient; t) shown in black or red respectively. The thickness of lines is proportional to the size of the path coefficient. Only causal relationships from the B (beta) matrix are shown, and can only pass from left to right. Clusters of variables regarded as causally equivalent are shown in the same colour, and in general are vertically above one another, although on some occasions they have been moved slightly to one side or other to make the diagram clearer. Associations between causally equivalent variables are modelled in the Φ (phi) matrix, which is saturated within vertical groups and zero elsewhere, and are not shown here (and that in particular explains the apparent absence of a link between being male and being from an ethnic minority). An attempt has been made to avoid lines crossing one another, or lines passing behind variable boxes, but that is not always possible in a diagram of this complexity.

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