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Table 2 Resident self-assessed practice management skills (A) and curriculum evaluation (B) (modified Likert scale: 1 = strongly disagree and, 5 = strongly agree)

From: A preliminary report of an educational intervention in practice management

Evaluation component 0-month (n = 12) 12-month (n = 12)
  Mean (95%CI) Mean (95%CI)
A: Self-assessed practice management skills:   
Results from 12 item survey 2.62 (2.27 – 2.97) 3.65 (3.41–4.08)
B: Evaluation of practice management curriculum: Mean (1 SD) Mean (1 SD)
Practice management series was effective in teaching me basic practice management knowledge NA 4.13 (0.61)
I feel more confident in my own practice skills because of this curriculum NA 3.96 (0.45)
I feel practice management curriculum should be incorporated into primary care curriculum NA 4.67 (0.65)
I would be interested in expanding my primary care curriculum to include more practice management education NA 4.67 (0.49)