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Table 1 Schedule of topics (in bold), teacher assignments, and objectives for the practice management seminar series

From: A preliminary report of an educational intervention in practice management

Topic, teacher Objectives
Basic Coding, Medical Biller Introduction to the Fee Ticket
E/M and PT Basics
ICD-9 Basics
Revenue Management, Health Systems Researcher Health System Overview
Payment Systems
How Physicians Get Paid
Optimizing Coding to Enhance Reimbursement, Medical Biller Reimbursable Diagnoses in Primary Care Using Modifiers
Procedures and Medication Coding
Physician Personal Finance, Financial Advisor Financial Goals
Financial Planning
Insurance Systems and Payment Mechanisms, HMO Director #1 Insurance Contracts
IPAs and Collective Bargaining
Dynamics of Group Practice, HMO Director #2 Partnerships Structures: Solo, Small Group, Multi-specialty Practices
Physician Leadership and Consensus Building
Getting a Good Job, WSU Faculty Member Finding Positions and Writing CVs
The Interview Process
Contract Negotiations
Accounts Receivable Management, Medical Biller The A/R Sheet
Fiscal Targets
Collections Management
Accounts Payable Management, Health Systems Researcher Minimizing Expenses in Primary Care
Economics of Running a Primary Care Practice
Human Resources, Nurse Manager Staffing Needs Assessment
Payroll & Benefits
Conflict Resolution
Risk Management, Risk Manager Minimizing Medico-legal Risk in Practice
Regulatory Restrictions in Practice, Nurse Manager Understanding CLEA, OSHA, and HIPPA