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Table 5 Factor Analysis makeup for Site Characteristics

From: Medical Students' and Residents' preferred site characteristics and preceptor behaviours for learning in the ambulatory setting: a cross-sectional survey

Factor Items making up factor Factor Loading Alpha Analysis
Office Management Teaching of time management skills .832 .62
  Teaching of medical record keeping skills .760  
  Teaching of office management skills .746  
Patient Logistics Opportunity to see an adequate number of patients .766 .69
  Opportunity to see a large variety of patients .542  
  Opportunity to see patients independently .538  
  Readily available examination room .473  
  Opportunity to see patients in follow-up visits .442  
Objectives Clearly defined site objectives for the rotation .806 .53
  Efforts to meet objectives made by preceptor .776  
Learning Resources Library resources available in the clinic .794 .60
  Computer learning resources available in the clinic .756  
Clinic Set-up Close proximity of clinic to campus .442 .55
  Presence of other trainees in the clinic .418  
  Existence of a site co-coordinator .386  
  Longitudinal/horizontal rotation .364  
  Orientation to the practice .342  
Preceptor Interaction Effective teachers .514 .55
  Preceptors readily available .506  
  Opportunity to observe preceptor if desired .491