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Table 1 Salient points in the summary provided to facilitators prior to a 6-week theme.

From: What can we learn from facilitator and student perceptions of facilitation skills and roles in the first year of a problem-based learning curriculum?

Point Concept
1 The interaction between facilitator and students must be at the metacognitive level
2 The relationship between the facilitator and students is one as would develop between colleagues, albeit some who are still novices
3 It is imperative that you guide the students through all levels of the 8 steps, making sure each is dealt with before moving onto the next
4 Don't be judgemental about what the student has to say
5 Remember, you are not the font of all knowledge
6 Recognise the contributions students make
7 Never interrupt productive discussion
8 The groups exists over time and, as a consequence, may become inefficient or ineffective in its tasks due to disharmony amongst group members
9 As a facilitator, you need to make sure not only that learning is happening within the group but that it is happening for all members of the group
10 As a facilitator, you must keep the process going at a reasonable pace