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Table 4 Course feedback

From: Managing Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma (MOET) structured skills training in Armenia, utilising models and reality based scenarios

What did you like most about the course?
The way and manner the materials were given and presented
Care in case of amniotic fluid embolism
The game-like form of the training scenarios and the way they were done – understanding between lecturer and audience
Consistency in the work
The issues of resuscitation of pregnant women in obstetrics
Practical recommendations
What did you like least about the course?
Few situations offered to one candidate
Squeezed presentation of all topics into a short frame of time
All was done at one level
Too short course, no practice with real patients
Duration (too short)
Was there any emergency missing from the course?
Yes – the instructors should have a psychological test as well, the translation of materials includes too few words, in the process of teaching instructors to get them to act automatically
No, but would like more
More on sepsis
How could we make the course better for next time?
For the solution of definite issues of emergencies to give some time to each candidate
Topics of the training in advance to get acquainted to them.
Prolong the course, more materials
Involve more doctors
More materials, work in the hospital
More days and time
To prolong it and to add more visual study aids