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Table 3 Specialties & Subspecialties with no citations of keywords “prognosis” or “prognostic”

From: Prognosis: the “missing link” within the CanMEDS competency framework

Specialty N=22 Subspecialty N=18
  Adolescent Medicine
Anatomic Pathology Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Anesthesiology Clinical Immunology & Allergy
Cardiac Surgery Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology
Diagnostic Radiology Colorectal Surgery
Emergency Medicine Endocrinology & Metabolism
General Pathology Forensic Pathology
General Surgery General Internal Medicine
Hematologic Pathology Geriatric Psychiatry
Internal Medicine Infectious Diseases
Medical Biochemistry Neonatal Perinatal Medicine
Medical Microbiology Nephrology
Neuropathology Neuroradiology
Nuclear Medicine Occupational Medicine
Ophthalmology Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Orthopedic Surgery Pediatric Radiology
Pediatrics Pediatric Surgery
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Rheumatology
Public Health and Preventive Medicine  
Radiation Oncology  
Vascular Surgery