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Table 3 Number of respondents (and percent of total) who reported personal participation and rated as unprofessional

From: The professionalism disconnect: do entering residents identify yet participate in unprofessional behaviors?

Behavior Reported personal participation AND rated as unprofessional
  n % of total rating “unprofessional”
Wore wrinkled shirts or pants, tennis shoes, cargo pants to the hospital 67 20.5
Attended a "drug rep" (pharma-sponsored) dinner or social event 69 41.6
Wore a white coat which was in poor condition (e.g. wrinkles, stains, tears in pockets) 104 34.2
"Blocked" an admissions you thought was inappropriate 12 6.1
Celebrated a "blocked" admission 29 8.9
Discussed patient information in a hospital public space (e.g. elevator, cafeteria, parking lot, etc.) 83 23.4
Had a nonmedical/personal conversation in a patient corridor (e.g. discussing evening plans) 69 36.7
Skipped a lecture or talk in which attendance was required and no truly urgent patient care issue needed attention 61 18.2
Arrived late to rounds for nonclinical reasons 69 20.0
Misrepresented an ordered test as "urgent" in order to get it expedited 29 9.0
Signed out patients over the phone 21 9.6
Stayed past required shift limits to complete a patient care task which could have been signed out 23 13.1
Used a drug from the sample drug cabinet for an indigent patient 2 1.4
Written or called in a prescription for a friend, colleague, etc. (without seeing the patient or making a note in a patient chart) 18 5.6
Accepted a gift from a patient worth < $25 17 10.2