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Table 2 Adequacy of coverage of each topic specified in the checklist

From: Undergraduate medical textbooks do not provide adequate information on intravenous fluid therapy: a systematic survey and suggestions for improvement

Normal physiology Average mark
Standard requirements 0.72
Fluid balance 0.86
Body fluids 0.31
Routes of loss 0.24
Effects of surgery  
Systemic inflammation 0.34
ADH 0.41
Types of surgery 0
Evaporation 0
Normal postop changes 0.38
Assessment of losses  
Assess blood volume 0.86
Signs of blood loss 0.59
Perioperative loss 0.31
Overload 0.72
Hypovolaemia 0.90
Adequacy of therapy 0.66
Intraoperative 0
Suitable regimes 0.31
Reasons for therapy 0.41
Resuscitate GI losses 0.66
Resuscitate Blood loss 0.90
Resuscitate sepsis 0.83
Fluid preparations  
5% Glucose 0.55
0.9% w/v saline 0.66
Hartmanns/Sodium lactate 0.59
Gelofusine 0.34
Human albumin solution 0.28
  1. These are averages of scores given for the different topics, using the following score allocation: 0 for no mention, 1 for adequate coverage, 2 for good coverage of the topic.