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Table 1 The textbooks surveyed: They are not necessarily the most recent editions, but all were published in or after 2002

From: Undergraduate medical textbooks do not provide adequate information on intravenous fluid therapy: a systematic survey and suggestions for improvement

Title Author/editor Edn. Pages
Clinical surgery eds Henry MM Thompson JN 2 806
Oxford handbook for the Foundation Programme Hurley N 2 695
Principles and practice of surgery eds Garden OJ Bradbury AW Forsythe J 4 633
Oxford handbook of clinical medicine eds Longmore M Wilkinson I Rajagopalan S 6 874
Oxford handbook of clinical specialties Collier J Longmore M Turmezei T Mafi A 6 807
Acute clinical medicine eds Kumar P and Clark M 2 742
Surgery at a glance Grace PA Borley NR 3 189
Oxford handbook of acute medicine Ramrakha PS 3 869
Care of the critically ill surgical patient ed Anderson ID 2 159
Crash course: General medicine Parker R Sharma A 3 531
Renal and urinary system and electrolyte balance Stamoulos P Bakalis S   120
Crash course: Surgery Sweetland H Conway K 2 322
ABC of resuscitation eds Colquhoun MC, Handley AJ Evans TR 5 111
Lecture notes on general surgery Ellis H Calne RY Watson CJE 10 392
Lecture notes on clinical medicine Rubenstein D Wayne D Bradley J   360
Key topics in critical care Craft T Nolan J Parr M 2 268
Lecture notes. Emergency medicine Moulton C Yates D 3 441
Medicine at a glance Davey P 3 490
Fluids and electrolytes demystified Johnson JY   227
Davidson's principles and practice of medicine eds Boon NA Colledge NR Walker BR   1381
Crash course: Renal and urinary systems Thomas R Stanley B Datta S 3 210
Oxford handbook of critical care Singer M Webb AR 2 605
Acute and critical care medicine at a glance Leach R 2 143
The renal system at a glance O'Callaghan CA 3 127
Crash course: Metabolism and nutrition Lim MY Roach JO 3 278
The gastrointestinal system at a glance Keshav S   117
Oxford textbook of medicine Warrell DA Cox TM Firth JD Benz EJjr 4 >5000
Emergency medicine. The principles of practice ed Fulde GWO 4 642
Fundamentals of anaesthesia eds Smith T Pinnock C Lin T   963