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Table 2 Details of master’s courses in nutrition in South Asian countries

From: Postgraduate education in nutrition in south Asia: a huge mismatch between investments and needs

Countries Number of courses Eligibility criteria Total population per course Number of undernourished children per course Fee structure (approximately) Duration
India 112 B.Sc. in Agriculture/Horticulture of 4 year duration; B.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering/Dairying of any State Agricultural University/National Dairy Research Institute; BVSc & AH, BSSc, BSC (Food Science and Technology). 10,805,298 553,571 1000-3000 USD 2 years
Pakistan 6 4 years bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to health sciences or statistics from an accredited institution, approved by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan; MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery), BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery); B. Pharmacy (Bachelor’s in Pharmacy) or M. Pharmacy (Masters in Pharmacy); B.Sc. Nursing (Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing); Medical technologists having four years education after F.Sc; DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine); Master’s Degree in a relevant subject such as Anthropology, Business Administration, Human Nutrition, Microbiology, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology and Zoology 29,833,333 1,666,667 2000-3000 USD 1-2 years
Bangladesh 4 B.SC in health related subjects for M.SC in Nutrition Bachelor and/or Masters degree(s) in medicine, nursing, midwifery, health sciences, social sciences or other sciences; MBBS or Bachelors in allied sciences 37,173,033 1,500,000 20,000 USD (in 1 university, details not available for others) 1-2 years
Nepal 1 Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences (MBBS, Public Health and BN/B.Sc. Nursing), Pharmacy, Radiography, Health Lab and veterinary Medical Sciences from accredited institutions with 1–3 years work experience in concerned health related field 27,474,000 1,400,000 Not available 1-2 years
Sri Lanka 3 BVSc/MBBS/BSC or equivalent certification, Bachelor s degree in Agriculture, Science or related disciplines from a recognized institute of higher education, Bachelors degree in Science of Medicine 7,032,667 110,000 1000-1700 USD 1.5-2 years.
  1. Source: compiled by authors.