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Table 6 Comparison of scores between HSG and LSG based on video review

From: What makes a great radiology review course lecture: the Ottawa radiology resident review course experience

Parameter HSG average LSG average p value
Image quality score (1-5) 4.375 3.57 0.0056
Proportion containing sophisticated special effects 0.625 0 0.0056
Number of times audience laughed 1.625 0 0.051
Proportion containing pretest or posttest 0.125 0 0.175
Proportion that finished on time 0.875 0.75 0.28
Number of summaries 0.75 1 0.51
Number of questions for audience 1.75 1.25 0.75
Proportion that were didactic lectures (with the rest being unknown type lectures) 0.5 0.5 N/A
  1. All HSG scores include 8 presentations. All LSG scores include 8 presentations except Image quality score, Proportion containing Sophisticated Special Effects and Proportion containing any Special Effects which each contain 7 as one talk did not have Diagnostic Imaging images.