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Table 3 Variance components from partially crossed generalisability study

From: The reliability and validity of a portfolio designed as a programmatic assessment of performance in an integrated clinical placement

Component and their interaction Explanation of interactions Variance components %
Student The variance in marks due to true differences in the capability of the student 17.18 11.28
Task The consistent tendency for one task to be marked higher or lower than others 17.81 11.70
Assessor The tendency for one assessor to score a task highly and another to score the same task poorly 21.13 13.88
Assessor with student The varying views that assessors have of students capability 5.60 3.68
Assessor with task The tendency for an assessor to mark a task higher or lower in addition to their usual stringency/leniency 16.10 10.58
Student with task The tendency for the student to engage with one task and not another 74.42 48.88
Residual error Residual variation not explained by other factors 0.00 0.00