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Table 4 Summary of number and type of comments provided by Delphi participants for intervention items

From: A Delphi survey to determine how educational interventions for evidence-based practice should be reported: Stage 2 of the development of a reporting guideline

Information item Number of participants Reinforce n = 76 (68%) Replicate n = 14 (13%) Understand n = 14 (13%) Philosophy n = 7 (6%)
Aims and objectives of the educational intervention 3 x xx   
Teaching/learning strategies 5 xxxx x   
Learning objectives 7 xxxxx xx   
Duration of each session 2 xx    
Number of face to face teaching/learning sessions 7 xxxx xx   x
Duration of each entire educational program 1 x    
Frequency of the teaching/learning sessions 0     
Any post-intervention activities required 1 x    
Theoretical basis/educational framework used 5 xxxx x   
The specific educational materials/resources used 3 xx x   
Any pre-intervention readings/activities required 0     
Detail of EBP components/content 2 x x   
Process used to ensure fidelity of teaching/delivery 7 xx   xxx xx
Timing of intervention 3 xx   x  
Supporting structures in organisation to maintain behaviours targeted by intervention 3 xxx    
Extent of peer interaction 0     
What post-training support was provided 0     
Face to face contact time with learners 8 xxxxxx x   x
Whether any identified barriers were targeted 2 x    x
Whether follow-up sessions planned 1 X    
Training required for instructors to teach the intervention 1 x    
Non-face to face contact time with learners 2 xx    
Instructors commitment to specific content of teaching 5 xx   xx x
Student time NOT covered by face to face contact 2 xx    
What method was used to decide content 1    x  
Number of instructors/teachers involved 4 xx x x  
Ratio of learners to teachers 5 xxx x x  
Instructors commitment to format of teaching 5 xxxx   x  
Whether the same instructor was used for all teaching 3 xx    x
Whether a systematic method was used beforehand to identify barriers 1    x  
Whether program will be compared across different sites 3 xxx    
Settings where teaching/learning sessions undertaken 4 xx   xx  
Description of teaching experience/expertise 3 xx x   
Profession of instructors 4 xxxx    
Whether educational intervention was endorsed by an academic, educational or professional institution 2 xx    
Who was involved in designing the content 1 x    
Relation of instructor to learners/program 4 xxx   x  
Who designed the intervention 1 x    
To what extent did the hosting agency facilitate training 0