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Table 2 Data extraction domains and information items

From: A systematic review of how studies describe educational interventions for evidence-based practice: stage 1 of the development of a reporting guideline

  Data extracted
Participants Learners’ Context* of education/stage of training, number and type of professional discipline, previous EBP exposure, adherence/attendance.
Instructors’ Number involved, profession, previous teaching experience.
Intervention Type of intervention, strategies for teaching/learning, educational framework.
  Number, frequency, duration, mode of delivery, materials provided and setting for learning sessions.
  Duration of program learning program, statement of student time not face-to-face.
Content Steps of EBP covered in intervention, reference for EBP content, EBP steps described e.g. (ask, acquire, appraise, apply and assess).
Evaluation Name and type of assessment method (e.g. exam, assignment, outcome tool), whether same evaluation method used for all groups, psychometric properties, whether a named test was used and/or modified.
Confounding issues Verbatim statements of issues confounding the EBP educational intervention or interpretation of the learning outcome.
  1. *The context of education refers to the year level of the learner within an undergraduate or post-graduate degree or course.