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Table 3 Implementation of instructional design principles

From: A novel collaborative e-learning platform for medical students - ALERT STUDENT

Principle Implementation
Coherence principle: eliminate extraneous material Splitting of content into facts and description components. Ability to hide tools in Study Mode.
  Ability to resume from where last study session was left.
Signaling principle: highlight essential material Bold typeface for facts. Text marker feature. Flashcard color-coded study prioritization based
  on learner Perception of knowledge.
Pre-training principle: provide pre-training in names  
characteristics of key concepts Notebooks with key Flashcards can be provided before more advanced Notebooks are studied.
  Introductory Flashcards can be added to more advanced Notebooks.
Segmenting principle: break lessons into  
learner-controlled segments Flashcard break Notebook content into learner controlled segments
Multimedia principle: present words and pictures  
rather than words alone Flashcards support both text and images
  1. Principles enumerated from Mayer et al. [46].