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Table 1 Variables measured by the system

From: A novel collaborative e-learning platform for medical students - ALERT STUDENT

Name Meaning Measurement and presentation
Study session count The number of times a The Study Mode provides a button that when clicked increments the study
  Notebook has been studied session count for the Notebook.
Time spent studying Time spent studying a Each Flashcard provides a button to mark itself as studied. Each time that
  Flashcard for a study session button is pressed, the time lapse since a previous click in any other
   Flashcard is added to the clicked Flashcard time for the current study session.
   Time spent studying is presented as the cumulative time for all sessions per
   Flashcard in a chart. It is represented as the proportion of the Flashcard time
   to the global Notebook time on the sunburst chart.
Perception of knowledge The student self perception of knowledge The student is presented an open ended question that requires recalling the
  regarding a Flashcard question. knowledge to answer it. After recalling the question the student can see the
   answer and assess the quality of his recall using a 4-point likert scale.
   Perception of knowledge is presented as the average for a given Notebook or
   per Topic. It is represented as a percentage of the best possible
   Perception of knowledge for a Notebook.