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Table 2 Distribution of the evaluated curricula by type of course/program

From: An analysis of pre-service family planning teaching in clinical and nursing education in Tanzania

Name of curriculum Teaching course/program Number evaluated
Doctor of Medicine (MD) MD 4
BSc. Nursing Nurse (Degree) 1
Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine (NTA LEVEL 6)* AMO 1
Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine (NTA LEVEL 5) CO 1
Basic Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine (NTA LEVEL 4) CA 1
Ordinary Diploma Nursing (NTA LEVEL 6) Nurse (Diploma) 1
Certificate Nursing (NTA LEVEL 5) Nurse (Certificate) 1
Basic Certificate Nursing (NTA LEVEL 4) Nurse (Basic)** 1
Total   11
  1. *This curriculum was not in use yet at the time of study. In the meantime AMO training was partly guided by an old syllabus.
  2. **This course was not taught in isolation at the time of this study but equivalent competences were included in the continuum of NTA curriculum.