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Table 1 Questions asked during the interviews

From: Female residents experiencing medical errors in general internal medicine: a qualitative study

Domains covered Questions asked
General considerations about medical errors 1. How would you define a medical error?
Residents’ personal experiences with errors 2. Did you experience a medical error?
  Could you describe this experience and explain how you were involved?
3. If you think again about that time, do you remember how you felt?
4. How did your supervisors, colleagues and relatives react at that time?
5. Did you feel supported by your supervisors and colleagues?
6. Which were the main factors that contributed to this error?
7. Today, how do you feel about this error?
8. How did this error impact on your private and professional life?
  Were they long-term consequences?
Residents’ ways of coping 9. If you think again about that time, which resources did you use to manage the error?
  10. Could you have used other resources?
Gender issues and errors 11. Do you think that being a woman could have influenced your experience or management of this error?
    Could you provide an example?