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Table 3 How can we improve? – student commentaries

From: Formation of medical student professional identity: categorizing lapses of professionalism, and the learning environment

1. I find it unprofessional of other students who play games or are on MSN the whole time during class or small groups…(year 1 student)
2. …discuss issues where unprofessional conduct is noted and in such a way that the person is not necessarily pointed out, but that all learn from the issue…(year 2 student)
3. More information on current rules dictating behaviour and the structures to enforce them, if I witness a breach of professionalism who do I contact? …(year 2 student)
4. Need to expect and promote professional behavior in other areas of medical education, not just the professionalism seminars we receive twice a year…(year 2 student)
5. Teach medical students that they are not the centre of the universe, some begin clerkship thinking nurses are there to serve them and that they will be giving orders. Teach them to value the opinions of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, nutritionists, social workers. (year 3 student)
6. I feel there are certain times when preceptors may lack some respect with certain patient populations…( year 3 student)