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Table 3 Qualitative course evaluation data – content aspects

From: From board to bedside – training the communication competences of medical students with role plays

Content aspect Statistics
  n %
  (frequency of mentioning) (out of N = 182)
What did you like about the course?
Comfortable/good/relaxed/casual/open/easy atmosphere; no pressure to perform 38 20.9
Constructive/matter-of-fact feedback; constructive cooperation; good collaboration of all participants 24 13.2
Role play instead of frontal teaching; practical use of theory 18 9.9
Discussion; lots of room for discussion; no deadlocked opinion 16 8.8
Good/diversified/interesting/realistic cases 11 6.0
Got to learn about different possibilities/strategies for dealing with different communication situations 6 3.3
What should be changed about the course and how?
Both roles should be played by each student/Everybody should have the chance to be the doctor. 15 8.2
Less theory/fewer models/less repetition of well-known models 10 5.5
Give out patients’ roles earlier/patients should have the chance to prepare better 9 4.9
Conclusion at the end of the lesson unnecessary, redundant information, visualization unnecessary 7 3.8
Do not use feedback sheets 6 3.3
Distribute patient and doctor roles randomly 5 2.7