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Table 1 Contents of the prepackaged and standard kits

From: Prepackaged central line kits reduce procedural mistakes during central line insertion: a randomized controlled prospective trial

  Prepackaged kit Standard kit
Sterile covering Drape 75x90 cm  
Gown XL
Fenestrated drape 75x110 cm
Ultrasound cover
Patient preparation 3 sponges  
5 gauze
ECG cable
Central line catheter insertion Ultrasound gel  
3-way infusion ports
Syringe 10 mL
Needle 0.9x40 mm
Needle 0,7x30
5 compresses
Syringe 3 mL
Triple lumen catheter (TLC) Triple lumen catheter (TLC)
Nitinol guide wire Nitinol guide wire
Seldinger needle Seldinger needle
Plastic dilator Plastic dilator
Central line fixation TLC holder/ clip TLC holder/ clip
Suture thread with attached curved needle size 2–0, 75 cm
Needle driver
Adhesive bandage
  1. Prepackaged kit: prepackaged all-inclusive central line catheter insertion kit containing all of the necessary materials for insertion from preparation to cleanup. Standard kit: central line catheter insertion kit containing only the separately packaged catheter components. The remaining items were available from the materials cart.