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Table 2 Podcast use characteristics of all respondents

From: eLearning among Canadian anesthesia residents: a survey of podcast use and content needs

   Respondents N = 159 (%)
Methods used to view podcasts
  View (stream) online via computer 71 (45)
Download material to a handheld device (iPod/other MP3 player/smartphone/tablet device) to watch later 61 (38)
Download material onto computer 53 (33)
View (stream) online via handheld device (iPod/mp3 Smartphone/tablet device) 34 (21)
Manner in which podcasts are currently used
  Part of routine study 76 (48)
To introduce a new topic 60 (38)
Revision for exam 33 (21)
Preview prior to case in the OR/Clinic/ICU 29 (18)
Features of podcasts found to be valuable by respondents   
  Ability to review materials whenever I want 115 (72)
Ability to review materials wherever I want 113 (71)
Ability to review materials at my own pace 105 (66)
Ability to review materials repeatedly 85 (51)
Podcasts best suited to respondents’ personal learning style
  Podcasts with audio and still images or powerpoint slides 59 (37)
Audio podcasts 54 (34)
  Video podcasts 45 (28)
  1. Data are n (percentage).