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Table 3 Perceived value of e-learning for teaching (lecturers)

From: Computer literacy and E-learning perception in Cameroon: the case of Yaounde Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Variables Frequence Percentage
Improves preparation and driving of teaching 18/20 90.0
Improves the quality of bibliographic references 18/20 90.0
Enriches the teaching content 20/21 95.2
Improves research and relationship with news 18/19 94.7
Makes educational material available 19/20 95.0
Enables to Archive documents 16/18 88.9
Helps to prepare teaching 16/20 80.0
Improves clarity of the educational material 17/19 89.5
Improves quality of communication 17/19 89.5
Improves follow-up of students activities 16/18 88.9