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Table 1 Interview study participants’ (n = 27) roles within UK and Irish medical schools and their occupational specialties/disciplines

From: Are medical educators following General Medical Council guidelines on obesity education: if not why not?

  Frequency of participants (%)
Educational role within medical school*  
Delivers education [D] 6 (22.22)
Co-ordinates module/strand [C] 11 (40.74)
Leads undergraduate programme [L] 10 (37.04)
Clinical or academic specialty/discipline  
Clinical (including Rheumatology, Podiatry, Anaesthesiology, Midwifery) 5 (18.52)
General Practice (General Practitioners) 8 (29.63)
Behavioural Sciences and Education (Cognitive/Clinical/Health Psychology, Medical Education) 6 (22.22)
Public Health (Dietician, Epidemiology, Public Health Medicine/Research) 3 (11.11)
Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Immunology) 5 (18.52)
  1. *D = Educators who deliver a distinct component of the curriculum that relates explicitly to obesity (and who do not have any broader roles within the medical school).
  2. C = Educators who co-ordinate relevant modules or strands in the medical programme (may therefore deliver as well but main role to coordinate a relevant section of the curriculum).
  3. L = Educators with a broad overview of the curriculum (may deliver distinct components as well) e.g. deans, course developers, directors of studies.