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Table 1 Questionnaire for the assessment of clinical competency by medical graduates and experts

From: How does the medical graduates' self-assessment of their clinical competency differ from experts' assessment?

Clinical competency assessment
Medical graduate is able to: Excellent V.G Good Poor Very poor
1. take an appropriate history including social issues such as occupational health      
2. perform a physical and mental status examination      
3. apply basic diagnostic and technical procedures, to analyze and interpret findings, and to define the nature of a problem      
4. perform appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic strategies with the focus on life-saving procedures and applying principles of best evidence medicine      
5. exercise clinical judgment to establish diagnoses and therapies      
6. recognize immediate life-threatening conditions.      
7. manage common medical emergencies      
8. manage patients in an effective, efficient and ethical manner including health promotion and disease prevention      
9. evaluate health problems and advise patients taking into account physical, psychological, social and cultural factors      
10. understand the appropriate utilization of human resources, diagnostic interventions, therapeutic modalities and health care facilities