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Table 3 Eastern Europe - state of GP/FM curriculum in medical schools

From: Undergraduate medical education in general practice/family medicine throughout Europe – a descriptive study

Country (n = 10) GP curriculum Clinical component
Medical school (n = 50) Yes/No Weeks Which year
  Minsk State Medical University1 No   
  Vitebsk State Medical University1 No   
  Gomel State Medical University1 No   
  GrodNo State Medical University1 No   
  Medical University Plovdiv1 No   
  Medical University Sofia Yes 2 6th
  Medical University Varna1 No   
  Medical University Pleven1 No   
  Medical faculty Stara Zagora1 No   
Check Republic    
  Charles Univ in Prague, first fac of med Yes 3 4th, 6th
  Charles Univ in Prague, second fac of med Yes 1 6th
  Charles Univ in Prague, third fac of med Yes 1 6th
  Charles Univ, fac of med Hradec Kralove2 Yes 3 h 6th
  Fac of med in Pilsen, Masaryk University Yes 1 5th + 6th
  Fac of med , Palacky Univ Olomouc Yes 1 6th
  Univ Ostrava, fac med1 No   
  Akaki Tsereteli State Univ, Caucasus Yes 1 6th
  International Univ Tbilisi1 No   
  David Agmashenelebi Univ of Georgia Yes 2 5th
  David Tvildiani Med Univ Yes 2 6th
  Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Univ Yes 2 5th
  Petre Shotadze Tbilisi Med Acad Yes 2 6th
  Shota Rustaveli State Univ1 No   
  Tbilisi Med EduUniv Hippocrates Yes 1.5 6th
  Tbilisi State Med Univ Yes 2 1st, 2nd
  Semmelweis Univ Budapest Yes 1 6th
  Univ of Szeged Yes 1 6th
  Univ of Pecs Yes 1.5 6th
  Univ Nicolae Testemitanu Chisinau Yes 3 5th
  Med Univ of Bialystok2 Yes 2 h 6th
  Wroclaw Med Univ2 Yes 5 h 6th
  Med Univ of Gdansk Yes 2.5 6th
  Med Univ of Silesia, School of Med in Katowice Yes 6 6th
  Med Univ of Lodz Yes 4 5th
  Med Univ of Lublin Yes 2.5 6th
  Poznan Univ of Med Sciences2 Yes <1 6th
  Pomorski Univ of Med Stettin Yes 2.5 6th
  Med Univ of Warsaw Yes 2.5 6th
  Ludwig Rydygier CollMed Bydgoszcz Yes 2 6th
  Gr. T. Popa, Univ of Med, Lasi Yes 6 6th
  Fac de Med Victor Papilian, Sibiu1 No   
  Univ Transilvaia, Brasov2 Yes No  
  Univ Med Pharm, Victor Babes, Timisoara2 Yes No  
  Univ Med Pharm Iuliu Hatieganu, Cluj-Napoca Yes 2.5 6th
  KrasNoyarsk2 Yes 30 h 6th
  State Med Univ Vladivostok Yes 1.5 6th
  Amurskaya State Med Acad Blagoveshensk Yes 1 6th
  State Med Univ Kursk2 Yes 6 h 6th
  State Med Univ Petrozavodsk2 Yes 6 h 6th
  Pavlov’s St.Petersburg State Med Univ Yes 4 5th, 6th
  State North-West Med Univ St. Petersburg Yes 2 6th
  Pavol Josef Safarik Univ Kosice Yes 1 4th
  Jessenius Fac Med Martin Yes 2 5th
  Comenius Univ Bratislava No   
  1. 1No GP/FM curriculum (n = 13).
  2. 2No or < 1 week clinical component (n = 9).