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Table 4 Specific degrees included for each degree program

From: An evaluation of pharmacology curricula in Australian science and health-related degree programs

Degree program* Degrees included Number of courses** Number of institutions
Science Science, Medical Science, Biomedical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Health Science, Biotechnology 59 14
Pharmacy Pharmacy 41 10
Nursing Nursing 24 11
Medicine Medicine 27 10
  1. *While many Australian institutions diversify their degree offerings, for example, offering a Bachelor of Science as well as a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and a Bachelor of Biotechnology, this is not true of all institutions, nor is this necessarily generalisable to institutions outside Australia. Choice of categories was based in part on the recognition that programs for which a student might obtain a discrete named degree in Australia might constitute a major or focus of a more generally-named degree elsewhere (e.g. a major in Biotechnology is found in some Bachelor of Science degrees). It should be noted that the Medicine degree category does not distinguish between graduate-entry and undergraduate programs.
  2. **Note that 4 courses were accounted for twice, for example, taught to Science and Pharmacy.