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Table 2 Definitions of key terms*

From: An evaluation of pharmacology curricula in Australian science and health-related degree programs

Term Definition
Degree program One of four core areas of study, namely science, pharmacy, nursing and medicine for which a university degree is obtained
Course Credit point unit of study within a degree. Some institutions refer to this as a subject or unit
Theme A broad, primary concept within pharmacology and toxicology. For the purpose of this article, themes are drawn from lecture content
Topic A specific, secondary concept within a theme. For the purpose of this article, these topics are drawn from lecture content
Stand - alone course A course dedicated entirely to the discipline of pharmacology as an independent field of study
Integrated course A course in which pharmacology is one of many disciplines taught using a blended approach to the content
  1. *Terminology occasionally varied substantially between institutions that contributed to this study. Key terms were chosen based on frequency of use amongst institutions and the potential for generalisability of terminology across institutions in other countries.