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Table 1 Example of a checklist

From: Communication training for advanced medical students improves information recall of medical laypersons in simulated informed consent talks – a randomized controlled trial

Checklist aortic stenosis
A. Procedural steps intra-operatively
A1. Sternotomy
A2. Opening of the pericardium
A3. Connection to heart-lung-machine
A4. Removal of native valve
A5. Valve-replacement
Points (max. 5):
B. Likelihood of success
B1. 50% chance of prolonging the patient’s life
Points (max. 1):
C. Procedural steps post-operatively
C1. Insertion of suction drainage
C2. Step-down care (intensive, normal, rehab)
Points (max. 2):
D. General main complications
D1. Superficial infection of the incision
D2. Bleeding
D3. Cutaneous nerve damage
D4. Pain
D5. Wound healing defects
Points (max. 5):
E. Specific main complications
E1. Pneumothorax
E2. Heart rhythm disturbances
E3. Myocardial infarction
E4. Mediastinitis
E4. Endocarditis
E5. Pericardial effusion/tamponade
E6. Ischemic stroke
Points (max. 7):
TOTAL POINTS (max. 20):
  1. Example of a checklist (severe aortic valve defect) with a standardized set of 20 items of information.