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Table 3 Association between uptake of various clinical experiences and timing of career decision

From: Survey of UK radiology trainees in the aftermath of ‘Modernising Medical Careers’


Effect on decision in years

Foundation trainee

Traditional trainee

Radiology Audit or Research (Including Intercalated BSc)



Regular Attendance at Radiology Meetings

-0.65 (0.014)


95%CI -0.15 to -1.16

Formal Time in Radiology Department (e.g. Taster Week)

No difference


Career Advice Specific to Radiology

-0.63 (0.009)


95%CI -0.18 to -1.10

Undergraduate Radiology Tuition

No difference


SSM/Elective Related to Radiology

-0.72 (0.018)


95%CI -0.14 to -1.30

Alternative Career Plan


1.47 (<0.001)


95%CI 0.83 to 2.11

  1. Results provided for both those who did (Foundation Trainee) and those who did not (Traditional Trainee) complete a Foundation Program. A negative number indicates an earlier decision. If statistically significant, p-values are provided in parentheses. SSM- Special Study Module.