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Table 3 Association between uptake of various clinical experiences and timing of career decision

From: Survey of UK radiology trainees in the aftermath of ‘Modernising Medical Careers’

Experience Effect on decision in years
Foundation trainee Traditional trainee
Radiology Audit or Research (Including Intercalated BSc) -0.29 -0.24
Regular Attendance at Radiology Meetings -0.65 (0.014) -0.51
95%CI -0.15 to -1.16
Formal Time in Radiology Department (e.g. Taster Week) No difference -0.48
Career Advice Specific to Radiology -0.63 (0.009) -0.38
95%CI -0.18 to -1.10
Undergraduate Radiology Tuition No difference -0.26
SSM/Elective Related to Radiology -0.72 (0.018) -0.20
95%CI -0.14 to -1.30
Alternative Career Plan 0.32 1.47 (<0.001)
   95%CI 0.83 to 2.11
  1. Results provided for both those who did (Foundation Trainee) and those who did not (Traditional Trainee) complete a Foundation Program. A negative number indicates an earlier decision. If statistically significant, p-values are provided in parentheses. SSM- Special Study Module.